Three New DVDs from Sony Home Entertainment.

Sony Home Entertainment has several new releases that primed to provide plenty of viewing pleasure.
The first is “Racehl Getting Married” which stars Anne Hathaway in her Oscar nominated performance of Kym, a woman returning home for her sister’s wedding. Kym is a magnet from drama and tension and has an arsenal of acerbic comments at her disposal which she does not shy away from using.
In what is supposed to be a joyful weekend, long standing tensions and issues within the family arise and force them to evaluate their family dynamic.

Director Jonathan Demme has crafted a marvelous film loaded with great characters and memorable moments that shows the good and bad in people and how families cope.
Loaded with deleted scenes, commentaries and more, this was one of the best films of 2008.

“Sex & Lies in Sin City” stars Mena Suvari, Marcia Gay Harden, Johnathon Schaech and Matthew Modine in the true story of Tid Binion. In a story of sex, drugs, parties, death, and mystery which is as compelling as it is decadent. The solid cast chronicles the rise and fall of the iconic figure and the mystery surrounding him makes for great viewing and a solid DVD.

Heather Locklear stars as Jackie in “Flirting with Forty”. When a recently divorced mother of two decides to spend her 40th in Hawaii, she falls for a younger man. Based on the novel by Jane Porter, the film is a romantic story for the times that tells of the complexity of a modern romance when distance, age, children, and an ex are in the picture.
The amazing scenic beauty of the islands provides a stunning backdrop to the story and features strong supporting performances from Robert Buckley, Vanessa Williams, and Sam Duke.