The Best of Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation

With the pending release of JJ Abrams “Star Trek”, waves of fans old and new are preparing to embrace the film as well as the iconic series that has endured over 40 years and spawned 4 spin off series, an animated series, and ten feature films.

Paramount Home Entertainment has released two very impressive collections that are sure to delight fans.

The first is The Best of Star Trek The Original Series which features four digitally remastered episodes with enhanced special effects and sharp sound and picture quality.

The show features the legendary crew of the Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk (William Shatner), as they explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life forms.
The fantastic interplay between the cast and shows that featured some of the best writers in science combine to provide a powerful tool for social commentary on a weekly basis.
The four shows included in the collection are…

The City on the Edge of Forever: in which legendary writer Harlan Ellison where Kirk, Spock, and Mc Coy must travel to the past to keep their future from being altered. Joan Collins appears in this powerful episode.
The Trouble With Tribbles: An endearing classic where Kirk and crew must cross path with the Klingons as they attempt to keep the fragile peace in a tense situation, that is made worse by the ever expanding presence of the furry Tribbles.

Balance of Terror: The Romulans are introduced and the Enterprise is forced into a deadly game of cast and mouse with a hostile enemy.
Amok Time: Spock returns to his home planet of Vulcan to take a bride or die, in this mix of action and drama that gave viewers their first real look at the Vulcan planet and culture.

In 1987 Paramount caught lightening in the bottle with the success of Star Trek The Next Generation.
There were those that doubted a new cast and crew would be embraced by fans, but the new series soon erased all doubts and became a massive critical and ratings hit.
Set roughly 85 years after the original series, the new Enterprise D under the command of Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), continues to explore the cosmos and meets all manner of amazing and dangerous situations.

The Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 and 2: is a movie quality, intense encounter with the deadly Borg. Fantastic action, FX, and acting, combine with a deep and intense story that is a true pinnacle of the series.

Yesterdays Enterprise: Features a twist in time, where an important historical event is altered which leads to an alternate future where the Enterprise and Federation is locked in an intense and deadly struggle with the Klingons.

The Measure of A Man: features Brent Spiner as the Android commander Data, and is a well crafted Drama that forces Data to defend his right to exist, and explores thought, free will, self awareness, freedom and much more.

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