Red Alert 3: Uprising

Continuing the immensely enjoyable action and strategy of Red Alert 3, Electronic Arts has released Red Alert 3: Uprising for those clamoring for more.

Uprising is a stand alone, solo play series of campaigns that combine a small number of missions for each faction with some commanders challenges which will test how good of a player you are.
The game follows the events of Red Alert 3 as with three factions and three different endings, Uprising follows up on various events but does not follow the new President that was established at the conclusion of the Allies campaign in Red Alert 3.

Instead, gamers get to play as Soviets dealing with a giant company, as the Allies you deal with Japan, and as Japan you deal with Soviet aggression.

Uprising is a back to basics approach for the game as the multiplay and co-op modes have been removed forcing gamers to rely on their own wits and skills to complete the game. One such example is a puzzle portion of the game which does not allow for much variation or improvisation. Gamers must complete their tasks as ordered and the way the designers intended. This may cause for a few frustrating save and restarts, but the challenge is good.

When playing the game, it is clear why the game does not have a multiplay mode and that is thanks to the amazing super units the game offers. In multiplay, the key is balance, and with the Allies new Harbinger gunship you get to delight in dealing massive amounts of damage while being able to absorb plenty. If this was not enough, your unit also repairs itself.

For those wanting to unleash utter mayhem, the Japanese forces Giga-Fortress which deftly moves from an island to a floating Samurai head before carving up enemies with lasers. It can also take a beating and repair itself.

The cut scenes of the game feature Ric Flair, Malcolm Mc Dowell, Gemma Atkinson and more. Some gamers will bemoan the lack of multiplay, the toughness of some missions, and so on, but for what it is, Red Alert 3: Uprising delivers what hardcore fans want, action, challenge, and lots of it.

The game has plenty of challenge as this game seems to have been designed to not only provide more content but to really challenge Command and Conquers players to show how good they really are.
With the same solid sound and graphics from the previous title and the fact that Uprising is priced under $25.00, Uprising is a download well worth taking and a great entry into the series.

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4 stars out of 5