In Demigod, Stardock has deftly blending Real Time Strategy and Role Playing. The game tasks players to become a god through a series of challenges and battles. The two main player types are generals and assassins and each has their own style. While playing as an assassin, players control a character and earn money and experience as he defeats enemies and can earn weapons, new skills, and spells as his experience grows.

The General mode is much like a Real Time Strategy game as players take command of an army and must direct the flow of troops in order to halt the advancing enemy. Both Classes have their own unique skills that players will have at their disposal.

The goal of the game remains the same despite which mode you play, and that is to keep the enemy at bay and take control of their key points of access.

One of the strongest points to Demigod is the amazing graphics of the game which allow for great maps such as a waterfall temple and a lava mine which truly allows the game to show off its power.
The enemies of the game are well crafted as various creatures of all sizes from the world of the supernatural engage in great mass battles. I loved zooming in from time to time to really enjoy the great detail of the battle.

Demigod has various modes of play such as single-player, skirmish, and five-on-five multiplayer. The solo play mode of the game involves a tournament to become the newest God and will provide plenty of challenge for gamers.

Demigod really shines in multiplay mode as players can change settings for a game such as amount of gold, and can allow players to jump in on the action or setup elaborate tournaments.

The diversity of the game really won me over as I loved playing as the different characters and their different abilities allow Demigod countless hours of gameplay and replay value.

While there have been issues at times getting the game to connect online, and at times annoying freezes or lag did arise, I am sure this will be resolved with future patches and in recent days is significantly better than it was at the launch of the game.

In the end, despite some flaws, Demigod is an ambitious hybrid with fantastic graphics and tons of potential waiting to be unleashed.

4 stars out of 5

Demigod Interview from PAX 2008