Skewed and Reviewed T-Shirts for Charity are Here.

I am really happy to announce that we have a new line of Skewed and Reviewed shirts that will benefit Childs Play Charity. For more information, questions, and oredering, e-mail me at [email protected]

Childsplay is a charity started by the founders of the Penny Arcade Comic Strip and PAX Gaming Expo that benefits Childrens Hospitals. When you purchase a shirt not only are you getting a shirt and some nice items, but you are helping out children who are dealing with illness.

Here are the first set of shirts for charity. $5.00 from every shirt sold will go to Childs Play (See Link at the bottom of the page) to benefit Childrens Hospitals.

As an added bonus Cryptic Studios and will provide you with bonus items to thank you for supporting this great cause.

Cryptic Studios has kindly offered to provide a Champions Online Beta Key while supplies last to anyone who orders a shirt to benefit Childs Play. If that was not enough, the online gaming for cash site Bring It. Has offered to give anyone who purchases a shirt $5.00 Cash in their Bring It Account which you can sign up for with no cost.

The shirts sell for $15.00 each and that covers all shipping and charges. They come in White and Gray and any size you want up to XXXL

If interested e-mail me at [email protected] Tell me the size(s) you want, where you want them shipped, and we will take care of things via Pay Pal. I can even arrange a receipt for your donation if you like.



Add gareth on facebook as gareth von kallenbach

Twitter as garethmb



Here is some information on the charity that will benefit from the sales.

Childsplay Charity