The Collector Season One DVD

Morgan Pym (Chris Kramer) is a man with a unique profession, a collector for the devil. Over 600 years ago, Morgan shunned his vows as a monk to fall in love with the beautiful Katrina (Ona Grauer). When his beloved was facing death thanks to the plague, Morgan sold his soul to the devil in order to give Katrina a second chance at life.

Morgan and Katrina enjoyed ten years with one another, until she again became sick, and Morgan learned that the Devil had no intention of letting Katrina live to a ripe old age, and had come to collect Morgan’s soul.

Morgan fought back as best as he could, and in showing defiance, impressed the devil to the point where he made a new deal with Morgan. Morgan’s soul was to be spared as long as he would become a collector and spend his days gathering souls.

Flash forward to modern day, and Morgan is living in Vancouver B.C. where he spends his days waiting for the devil to contact him with the name of his next client. This is usually done via a special cell phone, or in person with the devil taking the appearance of anyone from a little girl to a street musician.

When Morgan decides to help a fallen and sick woman from the streets named Maya (Carly Pope), he decides to try to seek redemption for his clients. Intrigued by the idea, the devil allows Morgan to use his 48 Hour window prior to collection to attempt to allow him to attempt those who have sold their souls.
Since Morgan must travel in some dark places, and his arrival is not a welcome event by his clients, Morgan is immune from serious injury, as cuts, bullet wounds and the like heal themselves in fire when he is injured.
After a couple of high profile clients, Morgan gains the attention of investigative reporter Jeri Slate (Ellen Dubin), who divides her time between doing what it takes to get a story and caring for her autistic son following the death of her husband (Andrew Jackson).

As the first season unfolds, Morgan must not only battle to redeem his clients, but stay ahead of the Devil and his schemes as well as his lingering remorse for Katrina. The latter becomes an issue due to his friendship with Maya.

The series is sharp and entertaining and contains some solid plot points and arcs which will be developed in later episodes. The cast is strong and deftly combine the intensity and passion that their roles require with a compassion that allows you to relate to the people who are in extraordinary circumstances.

The DVD set of the Collector can be obtained via most online ordering sources which will be required for U.S. viewers who will likely need to order from a Canadian supplier.

The show has won several awards, and is a solid show that you will enjoy. Take it from me, give “The Collector” a shot as it is a show well worth watching.

Our interview with series star Ellen Dubin is below.
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