Prison Break Season 4

With the finale episodes in place, but a DVD movie to follow, Prison Break concludes its run with the 4th season DVD release by FOX Home Entertainment.

The series stars Wentworth Miller as an architect who gets himself sent to prison in an effort to free his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), from death row.

As the series unfolds Michael must stay ahead of dangers from fellow prisoners and seek allies as he attempts to gain their freedom. The series cleverly moved outside of the prison and had the characters facing a larger threat from a mysterious company that controlled everything.

After four seasons of cliffhangers and breakneck pacing, the series concluded with a finale that had some fans wanting more. The big question that was revealed when the final moments of the series shocked some fans, but thanks to the pending DVD release, Prison Break: The Final Break, long sought answers will finally be seen.

The series has solid picture and sound quality and had the show finish on a high note. The strong ensemble cast and the numerous twists and turns kept fans on the edge of their seats.
The set features great commentaries and is a must own for fans everywhere.