The Proposal

By Amara

If you have ever had an awful boss you will commiserate with Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) executive assistant to fiendish editor Margret Tate (Sandra Bullock). A Canadian, Margret is about to loose her Visa and prestigious job when she devises a plan to stay in the country by marrying Andrew. Realizing that Margret’s deportation also means he will loose his dream chance at becoming an editor, Andrew unhappily agrees.

To make matters worse a tenacious immigration clerk suspects the false conspiracy and threatens fines and felony charges if the bond is not truly romantic. In an effort to make their rouse seem more convincing the two not-so-in-love birds decide to visit Andrew’s family in Alaska.

Through a variety of comedic events and heart to heart discussions their relationship grows. But this new understanding of one another, and appearance of Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, threaten the marriage ploy.

While it is a cute movie the preposterous premise is the core obstacle with the film. Can anyone actually believe a person would ever fall in love with a boss so heinous that the office instant messages warnings of her arrival?

Further detracting from the film’s romantic attempts is the use of disjointed screwball comedy. These scenes, ranging from Ramone’s (Oscar Nuñez) bachelorette strip tease to Grandma Annie’s (Betty White) dancing in the wilderness, would have been more appropriate in “Animal House” than a romantic comedy.
Still the film does have some redeeming qualities; Ryan Reynolds’ bold delivery combines well with Sandra Bullock’s awkward appeal. Also the meritorious supporting cast will surely make you laugh. But if you are looking to be enchantingly swept away this is not the right film.

More funny than romantic the problematic premise makes “The Proposal” simply an OK comedy.