Duke Nukem May Be Back!!!!

Scot Miller of 3D Realms had this post on his Facebook Acccount.

Scott Miller at 7:14pm July 8
If you haven’t heard, he took a little break, but is back in the game now.

This was in reply to a query about now being able to add Duke as a friend. Somebody said Duke was to busy to join but that earned the interesting reply above.

Will good things come to those who wait?

For those of us who have waited years for the next chapter in the game series, and have followed rumors, stories of the games demise, and the closing of 3D Realms, this is an encouraging sign. Stay Tuned for more.

I am a Skeptic after so many delays and starts and stops. I just hope that there is a glimmer of hope to this and we can see the game someday.

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