Maggie VandenBerghe talks about “Aliens in the Attic”.

GVK: What can you tell us about “Aliens in the Attic” and what attracted you to the part?

It was really exciting to audition for the film because the scene and the part I was auditioning for was so funny! I have been focusing more on comedy recently, so it was really fun for me to get to work on a comedic role.

GVK: How was it acting with FX to be added later and what sort of challenges did you have with it?

I actually didn’t have any special FX in my scene in Aliens in the Attic though I did work on a green screen in a feature last year called Lily and the Syphon. Green screen is really interesting – it challenges you in a different way. It can be disorienting with all that neon green—I found myself dreaming in green for a while.

GVK: hat can you tell us about Annie and in what ways are you alike and different from her?

Annie Filkins was such a fun role to play! Though I am excitable, the character is definitely more bubbly than me and more giddy too. I don’t want to give away too much, but she also overreacts more than me….but then again, I’ve never been spit on before!

GVK: What are some of the memorable moments you had from filming and what was it like working with your cast and Director?

My scene with Robert Hoffman was awesome! He is such an incredible physical comedian—it is inspiring to watch him work. During our downtime we would watch American Idol videos on the iPhone and dance to music. Working with director John Schultz was awesome and it was truly great to work with him. Our scene had a lot of opportunity to be creative and play around so John would have us do it once our way, then he would direct differently and then we would kind of just play around with it and try goofy things. It was really fun to get to try different choices and have fun with it. I think it shows too!

GVK: As a follow up, what sort of preparation did you do for the film?

It’s funny because you work on it as much as you can — know your lines, know the scene inside and out, know the character but once you get on set, you have to be flexible. When I arrived on set I was given a copy of the scene and all my lines had been changed…though once we got to set, John changed back half of the lines. It was really fun to have to be flexible and just be open to all the different changes and then to get to layer my character into all that.

GVK: Many people find the audition process to be very frustrating and at times difficult. How do you approach auditions and what advice would you give to other performers who are starting out?

I think most people get nervous but, and I know this sounds cheesy, but you just have to go with it and make it work for you. An old acting teacher of mine used to always say, “Love the process.” You have to.

GVK: What would you say are the most important things you have learned from studying acting in L.A. compared to your past studies?

Number one thing being in LA teaches you is to work hard and not take rejection personally.

GVK: In what ways would you say that modeling and acting are alike and different and what was your big break in each?

Modeling and acting are both fun in their own ways but they are worlds different. Modeling was a great start for me and I was glad that I could do it to save up money while I was in school but it really never ignited that passion in me the way acting does. Acting allows you so much freedom to create and entertain–nothing quite matches that excitement of acting for me.

GVK: What are some of your favorite television shows and bands and what movies have you seen recently that you enjoyed? As a follow up, which ones are you looking forward to?

I have quite eclectic tastes in music and I kind of get on a kick with something and play it to death for six months, then change to something else. Right now I am really loving old country music, but Dethklok is also one of my favorite bands – so go figure. As for shows, I love comedies! The Office, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Southpark (those guys are brilliant!) and I am also crazy for British shows like The Mighty Boosh or The IT Crowd, and shows on Adult Swim like Metalocalypse or Tim and Eric Awesome Show.

I love a lot of different kinds of movies – really, if it’s good, it’s good. I am looking forward to seeing Brother’s Bloom (which I think I may have to rent because I think it is gone now). I just saw Moon which was really amazing. Sam Rockwell’s performance inspired me. I loved seeing his versatility and the great dynamic between his characters in that film.

GVK: What projects do you have upcoming?

Nothing concrete just yet – though a few things in the works. I am going hiking with my dad and uncle in Canada in a few weeks so I am really excited for that! Right now I am kind of just rolling with things and seeing what happens next.