Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher star in the delightful film “Coraline” which is now available from Universal Home Entertainment. The film is a visual masterpiece of stop motion animation from Director Henry Selick.
Fanning voices Coraline Jones, a quirky young girl who struggles to get the attention of her workaholic mother and father as she struggles with life in their new town.

Lonely and bored, Coraline discovers a magical passage in her home that leads her to a duplicate house, where the ideal family and life awaits her. In this other reality people have buttons for eyes, and her Other Mother (Hatcher), dotes on Coraline as does her father. The other reality also features a plethora of amazing things such as performing mice, amazing gardens, talking cats, and amazing shows.

Every morning Coraline awakens, she finds herself back in her normal world waiting for her next visit to the magical land to arrive. It seems that the corridor to the other reality only appears now and then, so Coraline must bide her time, waiting for nightfall to arrive so she can cross over to the magical reality.
As Coraline’s visits become more and more frequent, she soon learns that her Other Mother may not be the kind person she appears to be, and that Coraline must find a way to get home.

The delightful and charming film is a real treasure and thanks to the impressive video and sound quality of the DVD makes “Coraline” a must own title. The Two disc set comes in both a standard and 3D version with 4 players of glasses. I watched the film in an HDTV in 3D and found it to be a bit straining for the eyes as 3D for the home has not evolved to the current spectacular state of what is offered currently in theaters. That being said, my eyes did adjust about 30 minutes into the film.

The second disc is loaded with bonus materials and features which improve an already fantastic release.