I Love You Man

Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd),is a man with great things happening in his life. He is about to marry his adored girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones), he has designs on developing a large piece of commercial property, and is in the process of selling a large celebrity home which will pay for the wedding and his investment property.
In the film, “I Love You Man” from Paramount Home Entertainment, audiences get a top flight comedy about male bonding in the modern age.

When Peter overhears Zooey talking with her friends about Peter’s lack of male friends, he decides to do something to improve the situation and seeks to find a best friend. This of course leads to some outrageous and hilarious situations as Peter attempts to find a buddy.

Peter also finds himself unable to sell the large celebrity listing and begins to worry when a smarmy co-workers keeps offering to share the sale with him if he lets him take part in the sale.

During an open house, Peter meets Syndney (Jason Segel), an investment broker with some very quirky and for Peter, refreshing views on life and the world.

Peter and Sydney become friends but in doing so disrupt the order to which the two have become accustomed which leads to a very funny film.

With sharp picture and sound quality the feature really shines as do the large number of bonus materials which includes deleted and extended scenes, gag reels, commentary and more this is a loaded release.
The movie is filled with laughs and also a great look at male relationships in the modern age. With a great supporting cast featuring Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon, JK Simmons, and more, “I Love You Man” is a film you will love.