By Amara

A 3-D film about Guinea Pigs who help the government using advanced super small technology, at least I knew I wasn’t going to be bored. Was “G-Force” going to be so over the top that even children would find it ridiculous? Maybe it was going to hit big with that famous Disney magic. Suffice to say I entered the film with no expectations.

“G-Force” is the story of a team of unlikely heroes; guinea pigs, a mole, and a fly, who through the aid of special government technology, are completing spy missions with the dream of FBI acceptance. On their first mission out the team lead by the appropriately named guinea pig, Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell) discover that the world’s largest electrical device manufacturer has an evil plot for world domination. Attempting to expose the plan, our non-traditional protagonists encounter a numerous obstacles ranging from a lack of government acceptance to rodent chasing dogs.

The plotline in classic Disney fashion is filled with a strong moral under tone specifically concentrated on importance of family and belief in oneself. The film does manage to get these points a crossed while entertaining children who will love the popular culture references and the speed at which the action occurs.

All of the creature’s characterizations are amusing and engaging from the layer cake obsessed long-haired guinea pig, Hurley, (voice by Jon Favreau) to mice who get excited about absolutely everything. Also worth noting was the interesting casting of Zach Galifianakis (most recently of “The Hangover” success) who plays the not so mad scientist, Ben, creator of the multi-faceted “G-Force” technology and animal special task force idea.

The special effects are superb. The 3-D futuristic spy technology at the beginning was so excellent it had me wondering when I will see the medium in action flicks.

The downsides were simple; sometimes-obvious one-liners, which the kid-filled audience seemed to enjoy, and an unnecessary maybe love triangle between three of the heroes.

Not as over the top as expected with plenty of funny moments and fun heartfelt adventure “G-Force” is a worthwhile film for kids and adults alike.