Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series

As one of the top shows on television Battlestar Galactica recently concluded its run after 4 award winning seasons and has laid the foundation for the Prequel series Caprica as well as future films in the series. Universal Home Entertainment has released a very impressive 25 DVD set that features the complete series as well as loads of bonus materials.

The series is a dramatic and bold retelling of the 1970’s series of the same name that was cancelled after its first year. Despite an early cancellation, the series remained popular through reruns, books, and fan loyalty.

The series stars Edwards James Olmos as Admiral Adama, who commands the Battle Star Galactica as it attempt to lead a fleet of refugees to Earth. The fleet is fleeing the decimation of their home planets by a deadly mechanical race known as the “Cylons’ who returned after a decades long absence to attack humanity.

With roughly 50,000 Humans left, Adama is attempting to locate a planet named Earth, which is largely considered a legend in their society.

The show has a solid cast and is much darker and deeper than any sci fi show in history as each week, the drama and human conflict are matched only by the very real drama that is presented by the Cylons, who can now assume human form, making it harder to differentia friend from foe.

The series has a very adult theme to it which separated it from other sci fi shows, and also featured dynamic stories with complex characters and ever changing relationship dynamics. Thrilling, shocking, and at times, controversial, the show was always gripping, and a must watch for me and many fans the world over.

The set has an impressive list of extras that includes deleted scenes, pod casts, extended episodes and some very special material as well as a collector Cylon figure.

If you have not seen the show, do yourself a favor and check it out on DVD as this is not your parents’ Galactica, this is a very hip, edgy, and deeply compelling series that continues to improve with each new episode.

5 stars out of 5
Available July 28 on Blu Ray and Standard DVD