Julie & Julia

By Amara

‘Julie & Julia’ is an intertwined tale based on the two true stories of cooking legend Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and that of author Julie Powell (Amy Adams). It is a story of non-traditional mentoring and the value of hard work and dedication, covering the process Child went through creating the 1961 classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking alongside the tale of Powell who was made famous when she blogged her way through Child’s book.

The films leads do nothing but deliver. Amy Adams, sporting a spunky new haircut, creates a character that is both soul searching and fun to watch. Meryl Streep amazingly transforms into Child, having perfected the subtleties of her personality so well that I found myself remising back to my single digit years.

The costumes are delightful and manage to seamlessly separate the two women’s tales while uniting them into a bigger story. The use of color and pacing make this a film that displays not only a change in time and lifestyle, but also the uniting human values that are entirely timeless.

A story of relationships and personal growth, combined with moments of laughter and hardship, I found myself in the mood I enjoyed through ‘Chocolat’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.

The film could have used more food imagery and I felt like the character of Eric Powell (Chris Messina) could have been better developed. But the delightful relationship between Julia and her husband Paul Child, played by the ever-enchanting Stanley Tucci, made this film a wildly entertaining journey.

On top of being a well-told tale, ‘Julie & Julia’ has that je ne sais quoi which make it a truly exceptional piece of film, and I know this because even my action loving husband enjoyed it. Well worth the price of admission ‘Julie & Julia’ is a time traveling felicity that is sure to win your heart, as it has mine.