The Goods:Live Hard. Sell Hard

By Amara

A group of four expert car salesmen roam the country keeping dealerships in the green. The rag-tag group is led by Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) a charismatic sales genius who lives a full-fledged bachelors life that is until he meets the women of his dreams and the supreme used car salesman challenge.

In “The Goods” Piven is joined by the expected band of jokesters, from Kathryn Hahn to Ving Rhames, as well as select members of “the Office” crew. In fact, Ed Helms plays one of the more interesting roles as the son of the rival dealership’s owner and a member of a small town teen pop group.

The film is filled with outspoken characters that make a wide variety of uncensored adult statements, yet “The Goods” manages not to cross over into the dreaded fart joke territory.

Guest appearances were among the more notable aspects of the film. Among the best was Will Farell as Ready’s dead best friend who returns as an angel complete with backup singers. One of the least impressive appearances was Allen Thick as the almost lineless rival car dealership boss.

While the plot is ridiculous and poorly constructed it does manage to avoid hitting the lowest of the lowbrow comedy circuit. The film floats between “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” but I would honestly rather see either of those films again over “The Goods”.

The only reason to see this movie is to pick up the few good one-liners bound to be used at the nearest frat house during the upcoming school year. Cheesy and offbeat “The Goods” is exactly what I expected and that wasn’t anything great.