Blizzcon 2009 News.

Blizzcon 2009 was a plethora of news and great .for gamers.

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Here is what we can tell you now. We will have a full write up soon.

World Of Warcraft will have a Revamp of Onyxia to mark 5 Years of the game.

New Playable Races are coming for The World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm, they are the Goblin and Worgen.

New features will allow Players to purchase their way into a new class. There is also a new Archeologist class reported.
The setting is reorted to be in Azeroth.

Diablo 3
New Class is a Monk. Treasure will be left for individual players to collect so no need to race your team to get items. Inventory control has been enhanced to eliminate trying to fit odd shaped objects into packs.

Single player build should be ready soon, like Starcraft 2, Battlenet needs new updates for multiplay.

Warcraft Movie.

Sam Raimi Confirmed to Direct Warcraft Movie.

Starcraft 2. BattleNet is reason for delay. A real emphasis has been placed on the campaigns so they are not the constant defend/attack that were common in the original. One level we played had a goal to mine a certain amount of materials in a hostile setting.

Blizzard is going to reveal some highly impressive new features which will make Battlenet the leader in social gaming sites.
This will be done with Starcraft, Diablo, and WOW. This allows you to set global friends and will allow friends to contact you in any game or server and allow you to join them, or jump to new games. Say you are playing WOW, a friend can see where you are and message you to join them, or come into a game of Diablo 3 or Starcraft.

Our hands on time with Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 was great and we obtained confirmation that a new MMOPG game is in the works. While details were slim on what the new game will feature, it is said to be a new property unrelated to any previous franchise.