Madden 10

With the NFL Season underway, it is time for gamers to satiate their pigskin frenzy with the latest in the best selling Madden series from EA Sports. Madden 10 features a host of new features including a new animation system for even greater realism and immersion into the world of the NFL.

Players can select from all 32 NFL teams and are able to select variables such as stadium, weather conditions.

Gameplay has been enhanced as Madden 10 offers greatly improved control and interaction which also features a greatly improved blocking system and online co-op play.

Another nice feature is the post game show, Extra Point which allows for greater immersion into the NFL experience as it allows players to have a post game show of their game which along with the already enhanced broadcast style and player animations, allows players to get as close to an NFL gameday as possible without taking the field.

One of the new and sure to be controversial new features of the game is the fight for fumble option that allows players to battle for a loose ball. Some have complained that such a key point of a game has come down to little more than a button mashing mini game. Others like myself though look at this new feature las yet a new wrinkle into the game that adds a new dimension ot the game.

I found fighting for fumbles entertaining but I did have moments of frustration as being the first one on the ball does not always secure possession.

Gameplay has been enhanced by the ability to alter game speed to match your style of play. This is a very tough game about a highly competitive league so it is nice to see the designers allow players not to be overwhelmed at first by the speed of the game play, which requires split second decisions.

Aside from the solo play, the game also offers online play and the previously mentioned Co-Op play. The Online Franchise mode has been greatly enhanced and works much better than the previous game. I would still love the ability to trade draft picks, but at least the feature is moving in a better direction.

At the end of the day, Madden 10 offers amazing graphics and reality, and the designers have taken great steps to address many of the concerns fans had in previous games.

4.5 stars out of 5.