Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On and News as well as Pictures and Video from PAX 09

As we prepare for our full interview for Left 4 Dead 2 as well as our complete PAX 09 report on KISW Radio’s BJ Shea Morning Experience 99.9 FM Tuesday Sep 7th at 6:20 AM Pacific KISW

My first stop at PAX 09 was at the Valve booth to play Left 4 Dead 2. After loading into my seat I eagerly took part in more infected killing and despite the new character and locale got down to business.

After fighting our way through a highway of wrecked and abandoned cars my fellow survivors and I ended up at a motel where we had to hold off waves of bad guys as we attempted to setup a defense that would allow us to regroup from the relentless attacks. I paired up with another player to explore the hotel rooms upper levels, and was rewarded with a baseball bat. This came in handy as I soon ran out of bullets and was forced to swing for the fences to survive. I found this to be a more than adequate weapon as between that and the gas cans I placed between a bus and the pool, I was able to make a nice wall of fire, and bash anything that crawled out.

After fleeing the hotel, I found myself wandering the swamps and had to defend against a Hunter as well as a Witch with only the bat. Not one to pass out a chance, I followed the Witch with only the bat and made sure things would stay nice and quiet for her thanks to “Old Hickory”. Not content to stop there, I took on a Tank with only the bat before making it to a safe room with my fellow players.

The action was hot and fast and I enjoyed what I saw. I did not get a chance to fully explore the new characters and settings, but what I saw was more than enough to let me know that Valve seems poised to not only have another huge hit, but perhaps the best action game of 2009.
I got a chance to speak with Chet Faliszek of Valve Software shortly after playing the game.

I asked why the quick turn around for a sequel when Valve is notorious for taking years between projects. Chet explained to me that the L4D series was in a “cohesive state” which allowed staff to pick their next projects and they wanted to be involved in part two.

I then asked Chet if there was any chance we could see the characters from the first game any time in the future and was told that “We are not done with them”.

When I asked Chet about the choice to set the game in a southern setting he explained that since the infection broke out on the east coast it was only natural for it to spread. Chet explained that he had lived in New Orleans and that it is a very beautiful city with a unique look. When added to locales like Savannah, and the swamps in and around the area it seemed to be a good fit for the game.

Look for our full interview soon.