Observe and Report

Seth Rogan stars in the latest mall cop themed movie “Observe and Report” which is coming to DVD from Warner Home Entertainment. Rogan plays Ronnie Barnhardt a bi polar mall cop who sees his shot at the big time when a pervert exposes himself to several shoppers at the mall including the object of Ronnie’s affection Brandi (Anna Faris).

The fact that Ronnie is battling all manner of issues sets things up well for his rivalry with a local detective played by Ray Liotta, but sadly the film fails to deliver on the strong cast and premise, and fails to develop a cohesive plot and sustain any laughs.

One minute Ronnie is being portrayed as a sympathetic figure and the next he is doing drugs and beating up skateboarders in the mall parking lot.

While there are a few laughs in the film they are few and far between which combined with several similarities to the earlier “Paul Blart Mall Cop” makes this a rare misfire in Rogan’s career.

The picture and sound quality of the DVD are solid and it is also available on Blu Ray.