Justine Wachsberger talks about “Sorority Row” and “Twilight: New Moon”

Recently I had the chance to speak with the lovely and talented Justine Wachsberger about her new film “Sorority Row” as well as her pending appearance in the next “Twilight Film. I want to thank Justine for answering my questions and Jordyn Borczon for arranging the interview with her client.

GVK: How did you become involved with Sorority Row and New Moon and what can you tell us about the films and your characters?

I auditioned for both films in Los Angeles and I was cast as Katie in Sorority Row. Katie is a sorority sister who does not fit in with the popular crowd. She is not part of the Theta Pi sorority. She uses sarcasm to get noticed. In New Moon, I play Gianna. Gianna is the human receptionist that works for the Volturi, the most powerful vampire coven. She is of Italian descent. My character was an interesting one to portray due to the mystery surrounding her motivations to become one of them (the Volturi.)

GVK: What sort of prep did you do for the films, as I would expect becoming a part of a franchise such as Twilight must be at times daunting as well as exciting.

I started by reading all 4 novels to understand where my character Gianna fits in the grand scheme of things. After that, I started to try to grasp her motivations for wanting to become one of them aside from her desire to be immortal. Gianna is putting her life at stake with only hope that she will be turned into a vampire. She is a risk taker.

GVK: Horror has often earned a bad rap for placing women in the position as being helpless objects, what are your thoughts on this and how would you say “Sorority Row” is different from other horror films?

In 1996, when the movie Scream was first released I definitely became a fan of the horror film genre. I must admit that in general women are objectified in the genre and appear helpless. However in Sorority Row, Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger created witty and strong female characters.

GVK: With such a radical fan base for Twilight, does any part of you have concern about the notority from from role leading to fanatical fans whenever you are out in public?

I am not concerned on the contrary I am thankful. Thanks to the fans, being part of the Twilight Saga, has opened so many doors for me. I doubt that many movies can create such a buzz around every character even the ones with smaller parts. New Moon helped me get the break I needed to start climbing he ladder of this gigantic machine that is Hollywood.

GVK: What were some of the more memorable moments from filming both movies and what were some of you fondest memories?

Sorority Row was my first experience of being on set. I made great friends with the cast as well as the crew. So I have great memories of Pittsburgh. Even though there was not much to do I got to see the Andy Warhol museum as well as spend quality time with everyone.

One of my most memorable moments on the set of New Moon was on my first day. I arrive on set for the fitting and some of the security thought I was a fan so that was a pretty humorous moment it was lovely to meet everyone and I made some great friends.
GVK: What can you tell the readers about your training in acting and about your first break?

I have been taking acting classes for as long as I can remember. I use to do plays while growing up in Paris. When I moved to LA, I started taking classes with some of the best coaches in town such as Larry Moss, Leslie Kahn, Scott Scedita, Eric Stuart and more.

I think it is important for every actor to better its craft on a daily basis. There is always room for improvement.

GVK: I noted in your bio that you had a marathon museum tour in Amsterdam, what can you tell us about that and what are some of the things you like to do in your free time?

I went with my best friend for 3 days to Amsterdam. Upon my arrival I realized that there were so many museums so instead of being lazy I decided to see as many as possible and thus leave Amsterdam feeling content of my trip.
On my free time I like to go out, watch movies, go hiking, read, and shop.

GVK: What movies have you seen recently and what do you have on your to see list?

Recently I went to see The Time Traveler’s Wife, Julie and Julia, 500 days of Summer, The Hurt Locker. So many movies I want to see so I really don’t know where to start.

GVK: What sort of music do you like?

I love Kings of Leon!!! Definitely my favorite artists of the moment. I like the Kooks and so much more.

GVK: What future projects do you have coming up that the readers can look forward to?

I have projects in talk but nothing set it stone so I really can’t reveal too much but I am not ready to disappear. This is only the beginning of an amazing journey.


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