Dead Space: Extraction

From my point of view, Dead Space by Electronic Arts was a masterful blend of sci fi and horror that deftly blended action, horror, and suspense to create one of the most enjoyable and scary games ever created.
With the game only appearing for the PC, PS 3, and X-Box 360, fans of the Wii missed out on the experience of battling the Necromorph uprising.

The latest chapter of the series, Dead Space: Extraction by EA and Visceral Studios is designed exclusively for the Wii and allows gamers to experience a new chapter of the Dead Space story as well as enjoy a new style of gameplay that is suited for the Wii.

The game takes place before the events of the first game and is set on the Aegis VII Colony. As the game opens, players take on the role of a minor extracting a monolith like object from the ground. Things go oddly wrong which forces players to battle for their very lives as the colonists have gone raving mad.

After a clever introductory chapter, players then find themselves playing as a security official as the outbreak of odd behavior has grown throughout the colony. With additional help being sent in to quell the mysterious outbreaks of violence, things go badly very quickly and players find themselves greatly outnumbered by the horde.

In time, players discover a young girl who seems able to project invincibility to the growing dementia that has enveloped the colony, and may be the only chance players have to escape to safety aboard the starship Ishimura.

This will be no easy task as there are scores of deadly creatures between the player and freedom and they will also need to solve a series of puzzles to stay alive.

The gameplay of Extraction differs from the original as it is no longer a free roaming game in a third-person perspective. Rather the game is a rail shooter which is shown from a first person perspective. As a fan of the first game, this new mode has the advantage of eliminating some of the navigation issues which were present in the first game due to the sheer size of the ship. The major disadvantage is that it makes it at times hard to open supply crates and bonus items as you have to click on them before you pass by and eliminates a lot of the immersive factor that was so good in the first game.

The plus this system is that your combat ability is enhanced as you can more easily direct your shots to deliver precise headshots and other methods of dismemberment. The game also allows a co-op mode where a second player is able to drop in and out should you need help or wish to share the gaming experience with a friend.

The motion sensing Wii remote also helps with the puzzle solving aspects of the game and in melee combat. I have to admit, that it was a blast using the remote to secure a doorway and then use it to fight off an enemy by placing a few placed skull shots.

The game offers a solid mix of weapons from a bolt gun to the more complex energy weapons. My favorite was The Ripper, a guided saw that allows you to rend your enemies in a matter of seconds.

The ability to freeze enemies with stasis and move objects with Telekinesis has remained and comes in very handy throughout the game and with some of the puzzle segments.

The graphics and sound of the game are first rate and push the limits of the Wii to do a respectable representation of the look and play of the first game. The gameplay and story are solid and easily one of the best for the Wii, but honestly do not live up to the standard set by the previous game as the story is not as gripping and the game does not offer the same level of scares as the original.

That is not to say that this is a bad game, it is one of the best game available for the Wii and a very nice gaming experience. It simply does not live up to the original.

In the end, Dead Space: Extraction is a nice diversion that adds a great level of co-op fun and a new chapter to the series which should keep fans happy until the next segment of the game is released.

4 stars out of 5