Law Abiding Citizen

By Amara

A good father and husband Clyde Shelton‘s (Gerard Butler) world is blown apart when a set of criminals break into his house and murder his family. When the prosecutor, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), cuts a deal with one of the criminals in order to convict the other, Clyde begins to realize the inherent flaws that exist in the judicial system. Once a law-abiding citizen, Clyde decides to take the matter into his own hands and it is up to Nick to stop him.

Foxx and Butler work exceptional well together, although this not one of Foxx’s best performances. Butler, on the other hand, manages an exceptional portrayal of Clyde as charming and understandable all while maintaining the unpredictability of a good antagonist. In fact, I was not surprised when the twenty-something something guy sitting next to me leaned over to his best friend and uttered “awesomest guy ever”, Clyde is pretty impressive.

A film about corruption, family, and justice, “Law Abiding Citizen” is psychologically thrilling and at times downright funny. Additionally, the combined use of technology, explosions, and clever twists, keep the action high. Well written, exhilaratingly timed, and distinctively unique, there only seems to be one giant pitfall, the ending. Without giving any more plot away I will tell you the ending was not as grandiose as it could have been leaving significant room for improvement.

Still “Law Abiding Citizen” was a fulfilling film, satisfying for anyone interested in the justice system, clever psychological thrills, or a well-rounded character. If you enjoy action or well composed plots, go see “Law Abiding Citizen”, it will leave you thinking and with an adrenaline filled action high.