“Mad Max 4” Aussie Shoot In 2010

It’s official, a fourth “Mad Max” begins pre-production next week and will be shot around the Australian state of New South Wales starting in August next year.

Speaking at a press conference in Sydney on Saturday, director George Miller revealed that he’s “still in the middle of casting” and isn’t sure who’ll be involved as yet, putting doubt on some online rumors earlier that emerged this week about Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron scoring roles.

Australian media reports have been quick to suggest that local thesp turned Hollywood action hunk Sam Worthington is another name on the list, but Miller is keeping his options open for now – “It could be Mel [Gibson], it could be anyone”.

Expected to be one of the largest and most ambitious live action films ever made in Australia, the project comes at a time when the Australian film production industry is in trouble.

With the local economy holding up better than many other developed nations during the global financial crisis, the Australian dollar has soared to record highs which has caused various international film productions to skip out on production Down Under due to the expense, notably last week’s loss of the “Green Lantern” live-action film.

Miller will develop the fourth film ‘Fury Road’ (he confirmed the title) as he continues production on the “Happy Feet” sequel, both with CarriageWork.

Thirty weeks of the filming are expected to take place in and around Broken Hill, the same area where much of the second film “The Road Warrior” was shot.