Gosling, LaBeouf Visit “Wettest Country”

Out doing promotion for the film adaptation of “The Road”, director John Hillcoat spoke with Atomic Popcorn about two other projects he’s been attached to.

First up, “The Wettest County in The World” is the most likely to go first. Hillcoat describes the film as “West Virginia, moonshine, backwoods, and Prohibition” and says Nick Cave has delivered a strong script with a phenomenal cast attached.

Who though? He confirmed rumors that Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf will be involved. The helmer however quickly admits that “I shouldn’t really talk about it cause it’s in the middle of all sorts of stuff.”

As for the other project, “The Death of Bunny Munro”, he says he plans to pitch it to the British TV networks as a potential series. He’s also not involved in the remake of 1973 French heist thriller “La bonne année” in any capacity.