Elfman Replaced On “The Wolfman”

Famed “Batman,” “Spider-Man,” “Men in Black” and “Wanted” composer Danny Elfman has been given the boot from the upcoming big budget “The Wolfman” remake according to Cinemusic.net and The Playlist.

What’s strange is Elfman had apparently already written an entire score for the new horror movie said to be similar to Wojciech Kilar’s haunting work in “Bram Stocker’s Dracula”, however the film’s constantly shifting release dates mean that Elfman simply doesn’t have the time to stay with the project and finish his work.

Instead, Paul Haslinger (“Underworld,” “Shoot ‘Em Up”) has been brought onboard to do the film’s soundtrack and no doubt give it a more grungy, rock-based sound. In a strange bit of similitude, Haslinger was a member of Tangerine Dream – the influential 80’s electronic music band which scored several movies (“Risky Business,” “The Keep,” “Near Dark”).

‘Dream’ were famously called in to quickly assemble a whole new score for Ridley Scott’s fantasy epic “Legend” after legendary Hollywood composer Jerry Goldsmith’s more orchestral and ultimately better reviewed musical score was nixed in favour of the band’s more “contemporary” and “youth-friendly” dreamy tracks. Sounds like a similar situation is going on here.