“Dollhouse,” “Hank,” “Eastwick” Cancelled

Three shows have fallen to the axe this week, most notable is that Fox has officially cancelled Joss Whedon’s sci-fi drama “Dollhouse”.

The show, currently in production on the 11th episode of the second season, is expected to finish its thirteen episode order.

The remaining episodes are still scheduled to come back on December 4th with all still planned to air on the network including the 13th episode which will serve as the series finale sometime in January.

Whedon himself is already moving on and making plans – “By the time the last episode airs, you’ll know what my next project is” he says on his official site.

ABC meanwhile has cancelled two of its freshman shows – “Eastwick” and “Hank”. The network plans to run the thirteen episodes of “Eastwick” it ordered but is not ordering any more, leaving multiple shorelines up in the air and without a resolution according to showrunner Maggie Friedman.

The network has also pulled Kelsey Grammar sitcom “Hank”. There are five episodes that have yet to be aired, and may not as the network is already lining up repeats of its breakout freshman hit “Modern Family” in the timeslot.