“Monopoly” Movie Story Details

“The Looking Glass Wars” author and “There’s Something About Mary” producer Frank Beddor spoke with The Los Angeles Times recently and answered a question many have been wondering for months – why in the world is director Ridley Scott (“Gladiator,” “Alien”) doing a movie based on the Monopoly board game.

The answer is an explanation of the story which quite frankly does not instil one with much confidence. How do they turn this game into a movie? By having a comedic, loveable loser failing to convince his friends to help him attempt to break the world record for playing Monopoly, and then waking up the next morning in ‘Monopoly City’ world with its colourful money and sight gags based on the games iconic imagery.

Beddor pitched the project to Scott and was as surprised as anyone apparently that the acclaimed helmer wanted to direct the project. However he admits that to overcome many people’s prejudices about the project, “so much of it is about the execution.”

Further details on the potential storyline are up at The LA Times.