Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

After concluding a 4 award winning season run, Battlestar Galactica fans prepared themselves for the new spin off series Caprica despite some threads from the series were never fully answered.

In the new movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan The series stars Edwards James Olmos (who also directed) as Admiral Adama, who commands the Battle Star Galactica as it attempt to lead a fleet of refugees to Earth. The fleet is fleeing the decimation of their home planets by a deadly mechanical race known as the “Cylons’ who returned after a decades long absence to attack humanity.

With roughly 50,000 Humans left, Adama is attempting to locate a planet named Earth, which is largely considered a legend in their society.

The film is told from the Cylon point of view through flashbacks that show events of the attack on the colonies and aftermath in more detail than we had previously seen. Viewers learn of a chasm between the various human Cylon models who had infiltrated the few remaining humans. Some want to wipe humanity from existence while others feel remorse and believe that they have more than paid for whatever crimes they Cylons have accused them of and should be allowed to go on their way in peace.

This naturally leads to conflict which shows what was going on before and after certain events in the series as we see the Cylons plotting activities that fans of the show will remember as well as discussing their success and failure.
The FX in the film are first rate and we really get to see a much more dynamic destruction of the colonies than before as well as gain some new insight into the characters. Some fans have said they have wanted a story that filled in more of the gaps and have questioned the adult content opf the film. The series has always had a very adult theme to it which separated it from other sci fi shows, and also featured dynamic stories with complex characters and ever changing relationship dynamics. Thrilling, shocking, and at times, controversial, the show was always gripping, and a must watch for me and many fans the world over.

With that in mind, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is a solid companion piece and a very enjoyable watch that is a must own for fans of the series.

4.5 stars out of 5