Twilight: New Moon

By Amara

If you hear the sound of a million screaming girls coming from your local theater, then you already know that the newest film in the Twilight Saga, “New Moon” is here. Picking up where “Twilight” left off is the love triangle between emo babe, Bella (Kristen Stewert), her star-crossed boyfriend/vampire, Edward (Robert Pattinson), and the heartfelt affectionate werewolf, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). But this film isn’t just about this century’s most discussed love triangle. “New Moon” takes Twilighters deeper into the history and mythos of these loveable monsters. Further expanding the Twilightverse is the introduction of the Volturi, the vampire royalty, who keep their kind a global secret, with serious consequences for those who break their code.

If you were bored during the slow buildup of “Twilight” then “New Moon” should be an exciting change, filled with fast cars and strong CGI. And the visuals don’t stop there, with backdrops ranging from the rainy forests of Washington to the sunny streets of Tuscany, this film goes far beyond the scope of the last.

Most impressively the acting has improved, especially on the part of Jacob Black who is charming in “New Moon”, a significant improvement from his irritating portrayal in the first film. Did I mention that he has gained a six pack? No, not just the abs, but also in the form of his wolf tribe (yes, I know there are only five wolves, but who can resist a good six pack turn of phrase?).

I only wish there had been more interaction with the Volturi. Surely there was a way to skip an unnecessary emotional Bella scene for a better understanding of the cruel nature of these creatures. Still the chemistry between Bella and the two men of her dreams is undeniably heart wrenching in this cinematic chapter.

Lovers of Twilight will also rejoice over the clever dialogue, which immediately took me back to key moments in the books. Moreover, the action-filled storytelling might just be the final straw for the remaining people out there on the fence about tackling the hefty novels.