Paradox Plans A New “Kull” Film reports that a new film adaptation of Robert Ervin Howard’s “Kull” is in the works at Paradox Entertainment.

Howard created the adventure hero in 1929 and would use the character as inspiration for his more famous follow-up creation “Conan the Barbarian”.

Native to Atlantis, Kull grows up with his family in Tiger Valley until a flood wipes his clan out. Another clan bring him up, but he stands up for a woman destined to burn alive and ends up banned from Atlantis.

He sails for the continent and takes up the mercenary way. He’ll become king, just as Conan will do thousands of years later. Under his influence, Valusia ends up as the most powerful kingdom of the time.

The property was previously translated onto film in 1997’s critically-panned “Kull the Conqueror” starring Kevin Sorbo.