In today’s world, storage and data security are key concerns for many companies and individuals. Far too often people are forced to choose between bulky servers or portable USB drives which force users to choose between portability and storage space.
Thankfully Patriot has come up with a practical and affordable solution that offers both flexibility and functionality in the same package with the Corza. The Corza is a sturdy but easily portable unit which offers storage trough internal storage bays and removable data storage cartridges (Which are not included with the Corza).
This is ideal should you be working on a project which is too large for a USB drive as you can remove a memory cartridge and transfer it to another PC with a Corza or you can simply bring your entire unit with you and transfer data anytime you need it. The hassle of burning discs, and losing flash drives and discs is replaced with the Corza as it is very easy to use and a practical solution.
The unit offers great value for home offices as being able to store pictures, video, documents, and other data can be handled very easily and frees up valuable space on your PC. This ideal and safe solution is also great for backing up your websites, address book, and other data that would be lost due to a hard drive crash or other system/hardware failure.
In the end, thanks to the strong design and ease of use as well as the affordable price, the Corza is a versatile and valuable way to manage your data.