Hatchet 2

Hatchet II starring Tony Todd and Kane Hodder who many horror fans know occupied the Jason mask for a time stars in this sequel to the original film that picks up exactly as the first film ended. Danielle Harris continues from the original as a new batch of people finds themselves face-to-face with the evil Victor Crowley.
Victor of course is anxious to continue the body count and before long blood and carnage result from those crazy enough to find themselves in victor’s domain.

While the film is light on plot and budget, the film does not try to reinvent the formula that made the first film so successful. You have very clever death scenes and over-the-top violence which created a refreshingly original and entertaining horror film that helped Hatchet step out from the countless killers on the loose movies that have followed in the success of Halloween and Friday the 13th.
I found the film the entertaining and a pleasant surprise and would highly recommend it to any horror fan.