Due Date Blu-Ray Review

When fate throws two mismatched men together on a on a trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles hilarious results are a likely scenario.

Zach Galifianakis’s plays Ethan Tremblay a whimsical aspiring actor and Robert Downey Jr plays an uptight father to be named Peter Highman in the film Due Date which is out from Warner Bros home entertainment on DVD and Blu-Ray.

As the duo travels the country, a series of misfortunes constantly drives Peter to the edge, as Ethan is his only source of transportation due to his wallet being lost at the airport after they were both denied flight status by the authorities.
Anxious to get home to his wife before she gives birth, Peter becomes constantly annoyed at the childlike ways of Ethan and his series of misfortunes.

Directed by Todd Phillips who made Old School and The Hangover huge hits, the film had potential to be a laugh riot, but became suffered from pacing issues which spaced the laughs to far apart for my taste.
The Blu Ray combo disc has video and sound quality that surpass what was presented at the theater and the loaded array of bonus features really allowed for me to enjoy the film much better than I did when I first saw it at a press screening.

Comedy fans will not want to miss adding this to their collection.