The Crazies

By Jake Briggs
In the farming community of Ogden Marsh, a small town in middle America where everyone knows their neighbor, unspeakable horror is about to happen.

During a game of baseball local Farmer Rory Hamill arrives interrupting the game with shotgun in tow. This odd incident soon leads to more and shows that that something definitely isn’t right as the locals begin losing their minds.

In the new film “The Crazies”, a remake of the classic original film by horror legend George Romero, the audience is taken on a bizarre trip as a an ideal small community becomes the setting of unimagined terror and chaos.

Before the movie, I researched the original and read a comic series in order to get a better grasp on the source material.

Sadly the final product did not live up to my expectations as the film plays out in a very stale manner and it seems that Director Breck Eisner was unsure what direction he wanted to the film to take.

I felt like I was watching a re-packaged “28 Days later” with a little bit of “Quarantine” mixed in, Honestly the movie was so boring to me that I found myself trying to find anything in it that could keep my attention.

Thankfully the film does have some great special FX which for me is the saving grace of the film. While I had expected a bit more form the source material which was rife with possibilities, “The Crazies” plays out as a rather mundane horror film that offers very little that is new and fresh.

2.5 stars out of 5