Where The Wild Things Are – DVD and Blu Ray

A film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s beloved childhood tale of the same name, “Where the Wild Things Are” brings to life the worlds of Max, a very imaginative child coming to grips with the emotional changes in his life. From his mom’s new boyfriend to his sister’s move into the teen years, Max is feeling very alone and runs away to a place where his needs are the first priority. In his world, Max is crowned king and he begins to deal with the issues of his real life through interaction and play with a variety of wildly imaginative monsters.

Taking a short children’s book and turning it into a compelling full-length film was the job of screenplay writers, David Eggers and Spike Jonzes, who also directed the picture. Among the film’s producers was Sendak and it shows. The film is seamlessly consistent with the original book while providing new and exciting content.

The roles are strongly cast from the lead of Max played by the up and coming Max Records, to that of the monster Carol voiced by James Gandolfini. The visual fantasy presented combines real and digital elements smoothly enough to accurately depict Max’s imagination while remaining realistic to the point of believability. Additionally, the fun yet abstract soundtrack manages to highlight the ups and downs of childhood exploration.

Seeming more like a masterpiece from Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki than an American-created, live-action children’s film, the detailed crafting and imaginatively honest perspective created by “Where the Wild Things Are” takes viewers back into their youth. A delight that is enjoyable, heartfelt and true to the spirit of the book, “Where the Wild Things Are”, is a must see film for any child inside or out.


Loaded with Bonus Materials and a Sharp Picture and Sound, this is a must own for families.