The Conduit 2 Interview and Weapons Trailer

Recently I got the chance to speak with Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at Sega about their new game The Conduit 2. The interview is for the next issue of our magazine, but i wanted to share it with you now.

What is the background and setting for the game?

Conduit 2 takes place immediately after the first game. Players once again take control of Michael Ford as he pursues his nemesis, John Adams, around the world!

What are some of the locales and missions gamers will see in the game?

Players will battle Trust and Drudge foes in locales that span the globe. From an oil derrick off the coast of Florida, to missions across the globe in Europe and Asia.

What sort of new enemies players face and will there be boss battles?

Do we ever have boss battles! Early on, players are thrown into really intense boss battles with colossal foes and we never let up. Also, there are other new enemies though out the game too, like the heavily armored Advancer and the nearly unstoppable Jade Warriors!

How do NPC characters figure in the game?

We do have a bunch of NPCs that are placed throughout the game. We’re not ready to reveal them just yet, but without giving away too much, Ford will encounter a few Drudge along the way who are very grateful for his actions in the first game.

What sort of weapons will players be able to use and what new weapons will be included?

What would a first person shooter be without great weaponry? All of the weapons from the first Conduit are making their return in Conduit 2, some with a few adjustments that we think will please fans of the original as well as new players. We set a precedent in the first game with weapons such as the Deatomizer and Hive Cannon, so we created another batch of truly unique weapons in Conduit 2. For example, we have a really distinctive weapon that allows players to capture incoming bullets from enemies and fire them back all at once! Also by popular demand, we’ve created a new sniper rifle that allows player to find targets through solid walls!

What have been some of the biggest challenges and rewards in crafting the game?

The biggest challenge we’ve faced with the development of Conduit 2 was crafting a gameplay experience that would please long-time players of The Conduit, as well as attract new players to a franchise that we feel so passionately about.

Blending action with a detailed plot can always be tricky, how have you attempted to create this element, and will scripted events be a part of the game?

Scripted events will definitely be part of the game, but we don’t to ruin the players’ sense of immersion too much. We definitely have some ‘wow’ moments sprinkled throughout, and as for the plot, we’ve toiled endlessly on the story and script. We absolutely think the story aspect of Conduit 2 is much more engaging than it was in the first game.

What can you tell the readers about how Multiplay will work as I am sure it will be a popular part of the game?

Multiplayer has all the great action from the first game and more. Another item often requested by fans was the inclusion of split-screen multiplayer and our technical wizards really pushed the Wii to the limit to get this feature in there! This mode features all the same maps and modes for 2-4 players as does our online multiplayer. We’re extremely proud of our multiplayer modes and we believe we’ve created a robust experience that game players today expect. Players can customize the look of their character with literally millions of different model combinations and textures. We also have a suit upgrade system where players can unlock different buffs for their player character such as more armor or faster reloads. Players can also customize their weapon loadout that they want to bring into a match, specifically tailoring different profiles to fit their play style.

Overall, we feel that the multiplayer in Conduit 2 offers Wii owners the best online multiplayer experience on the system to date.

Do the graphical limitations of the Wii compared to other systems become frustrating when trying to reach the vision of the game or is it just part of the challenge?

I think this is part of the challenge and really gets our artists and programmers amped when they find a new trick to pull off on the Wii. Of course there are memory limitations that we are always fighting with as well and each discipline (design, art, programming, sound) has to work together to ensure each level fits within a certain budget; it definitely keeps us on our toes! Of course, this is the same with any game project, since there is always limitations to how much you can actually do, either graphically or design-wise. We love it though.

What can you tell the readers about the voice acting and music in the game?

We have a very talented cast of actors and actresses who have put their heart and soul into bringing our characters to life! We also have a great group of internal musicians who are composing the musical score for the game to give it a truly epic feel that is fully integrated and adaptive to the game experience.