Geek Goddess Catherine Taber Talks about Star Wars gaming and Season Three of The Clone Wars

As part of our next magazine, we got a nice Q&A with Catherine Taber of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Catherine also has done alot of voices in many popular games including plenty of Star Wars games. This is a portion of the full interview, the full interview is in Issue 3 of our mgazine, contact me for more information.

What attracted you to The Clone Wars?

The idea of a new installment of Star Wars was just super exciting! I feel honored to be a part of Star Wars! And to have the chance to play the part of Padme…all I can say is I was REALLY happy to get the call that I had won the role.

What sort of research did you do?

The movies, for starters. And not just episodes 1-3. I really studied the original trilogy as well. I also refer to the database online all the time. Not just to learn Padme’s history and life – but even now when there is a new planet, or race of alien introduced on the show. I always look them up if I don’t know what they are to see if they are in there. It is such a cool resource!

Are you a tech head or gamer in real life and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Yes, I love games, and they are especially fun if I or someone I know are in them! But, I really like being outside – I enjoy hanging out with my dog and going on hikes, and I also love horseback riding. Another thing I do is find and fix up old furniture and turn them into something cool and new. My shed is full of tools and projects! And my house is an archive of my past projects!

With your past work in Video games, you have voiced both Leia and her mom. Do you have a preference for either character?

I love Padme, she is very close to me. But I actually try to infuse her with the best parts of Leia – her bravery, her humor. They are both such strong women! Now, I just want to play Jaina Solo, the granddaughter and complete my own trilogy…I am thinking Live Action!

What can you tell us about your voice work in the Old Republic game?

Nothing. Haha – no seriously, I can’t say anything specific, – but I can say I can’t wait for it to come out and I am so proud of the work everyone has done on it – it looks so amazing! I mean, have you SEEN the trailers??? Wow!

How much interaction do you get with the Clone Wars cast and any fond moments you can share?

Wow – I could write a book of all the fun we have! We have seriously become like a family and just have the best time, whether we are recording together or off doing press. No joke, I literally had to start wearing waterproof mascara to sessions because we laugh so hard most of the times it makes me cry and I would end up coming out of the session with raccoon eyes!

Which Star wars character is closer to the real you and why?

I would say I’m a mix of Padme and Han. I have Padme’s sense of morals and desire to do good and fight for what is right, but I am much more sarcastic than she is, like Han. Hopefully, you do get to see a little of that shine through in our Clone Wars Padme.

How much time do you have between Clone Wars episodes to prepare for the next episode?

It all depends really. It could be a month between records or longer, but you may have pick ups for a previous episode 2 weeks in a row. But we only get our script the day before – so we don’t have too much time to prepare. They don’t like the scripts floating out there in the world for long for confidentiality and even then all of our scripts are watermarked with our names. It’s all very mysterious!

What can you tell us about what is ahead for Padme in Season 3?

I am so excited for everyone to see Season 3 of Clone Wars! There are classic characters people will be thrilled to see and brand new characters that are going to blow people away. Some of the cast got a chance to watch the season opening episodes at Celebration 5 in Orlando a few weeks ago and I have to tell you – it was a rollercoaster!

For Padme, season three is time of growing – she begins to see the truth in many situations she didn’t always see. Padme has disappointments, but it all serves to strengthen her resolve and remind her what is truly important.

You are hailed by fans as a Geek Goddess! How have you embraced this title?
Yes! I think it’s so flattering and I know the geek part true! Sci-fi fans come in all forms, and I am a part of that group and always have been.