Greg Hastings Interview for Paintball 2

Recently we got to talk with Paintballo legend Greg Hastings about his life and the new game Paintball 2. I want to thank Jonathan De Guzman for providing us with the questions.

Will the NPPL be utilizing the APPA ranking system? And if so, will the USPL be honoring the PSP classifications now that the PSP has changed its guidelines?

GH: We made our own rules, and mixed it up for every field in the game. We added enough format variations to keep the game fun for many hours.

What teams will be on the game?

GH: We have over 1000 real players in the game. You’ll have to unlock all the teams to find out. Its full of real players, from Pros, to kids, to Mom’s, and rookies.

You had Part Time Ninjas on your first one, will they be on there again?

GH: We have been taking pics of players and teams for 3 years, so its hard to say. If they got their pics taken and signed our agreement, then yeah, they made it in.

Will we see modifications to the 7-man format such as a best of 3 or something similar to Millennium?

GH: We made up all the rules, so we follow no ones rules. In order to make video games fun, ya gotta let it loose and have as many options as possible. That’s why leagues like that struggle these days and scenarios dominate.

What marker are you currently using in tournaments?

GH: I use a T2 pump and a 02 Cocker, both with Stiffi Carbon Fiber and Crossfire air system. These are the best of the best!

Other than paintball, what occupation do you hold?

GH: Well, right now I am the creative lead in my game franchise. I make video games!

Do you have any other hobbies?

GH: I collect vintage Honda motorcycles. Late 60’s, early 70’s. Mostly CL versions. ( “high pipes” )

Do you know an exact date on when it comes out for PS3?

GH: I sure do. It will include the MOVE technology and will be super fun! Plus, the DLC for this is killer!

Is this mainly a woodsball game?

GH: Not at all. It has EVERY kind of paintball in it.

Who are you playing for now in the game?

GH: I play on your team.

Will you be holding any clinics if so, where and when?

GH: My Tour of Duty 2011 will have some Ninja training courses. Keep an eye on my TOD 2011 announcements soon.