Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2 is a prequel/sequel to the first Paranormal Activity. In the first movie we witnessed the haunting of Katie and Micah’s home. The strange disturbances in their home increases when Micah decides to purchase a new video camera to catch any unusual activity in the home. The activity soon becomes full blown demonic activity that results in the death of Micah and the disapearance of Katie.

The first movie is viewed through the eyes of Micah’s camera. This gives the film a documentary (think Blair Witch Project) feel. If you’re not a fan of this sort of filmography, then I recommend not seeing either Paranormal activity 1 or 2, for they do not stray away from this type of filming. The first movie left us with wondering why these occurances began and why they could not get rid of the demon.

In Paranormal Activity 2, a family returns home to find their entire house ransacked. The family mistakenly believes that they were burglarized and decide to have security cameras installed around the home. Through a home video camera that the daughter uses and the security cameras, we witness all the odd happenings in the home that escalated into Paranormal Activity 1. The story fills us in about what happened before the first movie, what the connection is within these two families and more imporatantly where Katie went after Micah was killed.

Don’t be fooled, folks. A lot of what you see in the trailers are not even shown in the movie, so please do not get your hopes up. The Halloween season has come to a close and I have yet to see a good scary movie. The first Paranormal Activity in my opinion was a lot better. Disappointment is all I felt when leaving this movie and at best I recommend this as a movie rental, of the cheap, Red-Box variety. If you do end up going to see it in theaters, go in knowing it will be a long wait before the good parts happen which, again, are very few!

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  1. JL said:

    I actually liked this movie. I felt that anybody that was a fan of the first should enjoy the sequel/prequel for the most part. Granted it was slow to start, but it still delivered in my opinion. Still showed off that nice grasp of suspense that the first displayed. I do believe the first was better, but in some ways PA2 was more polished and well executed in areas. Still a real good movie though I thought. It’s a very telling sign when you have such command over the audience that you can put up a black screen at the end for a minute or so and have the audience completely captivated in just that moment too.

    November 8, 2010

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