Third X-Files Movie is Being Written Says David Duchovny

David Duchovny confirms that a third X Files film is being written and only awaits the green light from FOX according to

While the report on the third film ends there, I have further news….

While the news of the script being written confirms the film is moving forward, I will share some details I have reported prior.

What I know is that the third flm has a working title of Endgame but that is likely to change. Series guru Chris Carter is writing the script which involves the Alien conspiracy and the arrival date of the Alien colonization fleet in 2012 and would likely resolve the long running main plot of the film.

Ongoing threads such as The Black Oil, The Alien Bounty Hunters, the conspiracy, and other unresolved issues from the film would likely be addressed, though it may not be the last film in the series if successful.