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Published on December 3rd, 2010 | by simeon


Mekenna Melvin Talks CHUCK, 3D Movies and More.

Recently I got the chance to ask the lovely and talented Mekenna Melvin a few questions about her work on the hit NBC show CHUCK as well as her upcoming projects. I want to thank Mekenna for answering our questions and Alexandra for arranging the interview.

How did you become involved with Chuck?

Luck! When I originally auditioned for the role, it was only a one-word co-star and the character name was 20-year-old girl. I had no idea the she was going to be John Casey’s daughter or that the role would grow. A few months after I shot the first episode, my manager called and told me they were bringing the character back, but there was a catch. I had to re-audition for the role. I had never been more nervous in my life!! Thankfully everything worked out and the role continues to grow, I am very grateful!!

What can you tell us about your character?

Alex is John Casey’s daughter he never knew he had. She spent most of her life believing her father was dead. Now that she has him back she is dealing with the transition and embracing the father daughter relationship she always longed for. And she’s dating Morgan Grimes.

What sort of research did you do for the part?

First thing I did was rent seasons 1&2. I had only seen a few episodes prior to booking the job and I thought it was really important to understand the show/characters journey. Next I examined my own relation ship with my father and tried to imagine what my life would have been like with out him. Working on a TV show is an interesting contrast from a movie or play. In a way its more similar to real life in the sense that you never really know how your character is going to develop. Were, as when working on a movie or play you have a clear begging and end, you understand the arch or journey of the character from the beginning. In TV because each new episode adds a new piece to the puzzle you have a unique ability to grow into the character. I am really enjoying getting to know Alex.

How was it working with and established cast and show what challenges did it present?

I have to admit I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But form the very first day any fears I might have had was put to rest. The cast and crew were so welcoming. I really enjoy working on the show!!

What were some of the great moments from filming and would you change anything if you could?

I think my favorite moment was when Alex got to kick her dads butt. I had so much fun shooting that scene.

What drew you to acting and what was your big break?

I always new I wanted to be an actress. My mom is a drama teacher/director and so I grew up in her theater. Chuck really is my first big break although my first TV job was a guest star on FOX’s LIE TO ME with Tim Roth.

What future projects do you have coming up that the readers can look forward to?

AMBER LAKE, the film I co-created and co-starred in with Natalie Smyka, Polly Cole and (dir/ writer) Joe Robert Cole, is in its finally stages of post production. We are all very excited to see what happens, and how people respond to our thriller.

What is your take on 3D films and films not shot in 3D being converted to 3D?

I am not the biggest fan of 3D movies. I feel like when movies feel too much like reality it takes away from the magic of the fantasy. I find it slightly distracting as an audience member and it actually takes me out of the film because I am aware of the affect. With the little experience and knowledge I have with 3D film making, I think its always better to shoot in 3D then in 2D and converting it to 3D. But I’m excited to see were the technology will go and what exciting changes it will have for the process of making films. And at the end of the day I want to act in whatever format the director and DP choose.

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