Andy Kindler Interview

March 21st & 22nd, Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland, WA welcomes the hilarious Andy Kindler. Kindler is known in comedy circles as a troublemaker. Originally from New York, and now complaining from California, he annoys people all over the world.

Andy is a frequent guest and correspondent for The Late Show with David Letterman. Each summer at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal he delivers the State of the Industry address to a packed ballroom filled with comics and Hollywood industry types. He is infamous for his scathing attacks on the world of entertainment, including the previously taboo practice of making fun of his fellow comedians. Just as the comedy boom of the nineties was imploding, Andy wrote the “Hack’s Handbook” for National Lampoon. This “how to” guide satirized and exposed tired comedy formulas.


Andy was a judge on the 7th season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He is the star of two half-hour Comedy Central Presents specials and he currently recurs on IFC’s Maron, Bob’s Burgers and Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. He was also a regular comedy litigator on The Root of all Evil. Other noteworthy credits include the HBO Young Comedians Special, Late Night with Conan O’Brian, The Daily Show, Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Wizards of Waverly Place, and The Larry Sanders Show. Andy is often recognized for playing the life-affirming character “Andy” on the CBS sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond.

. Andy has appeared in projects ranging from The Late Show, Last Comic Standing, and the new FOX comedy Bob’s Burgers. I want to thak Andy for taking the time to answer our questions and to Nicole for arranging the interview.

GVK: How did you become involved with standup and what inspired you?

AK: I was mocking people at a company picnic in 1984, and my co-worker suggested
it. We decided to form a duo. Andy & Bill. Do you remember us? I don’t.

GVK: What sort of research did you gain your inspiration for your material from?

AK: I have never researched anything, even when I was a research professor. Part
of that last sentence is false. I get my comedy from my own life, which I
think is hilarious. Your results may vary.

GVK: How did you become involved in the Late Show?

AK: I first performed stand-up on the Late Show in 1996. In 2005 the show
approached me about doing field pieces. I said yes and hooray! Or maybe it
was whoo-hoo! Some kind of cheering took place.

GVK: What would you say are the main difference between the East and west Coasts
in terms of comedy and do you notice differences in the audiences East/West?

AK: There are clear geographical differences. I can prove that with a
certificate of authenticity. Otherwise I think audiences are pretty much the
same. Half of LA is from NY. You do the math, if appropriate.

GVK: Can you tell us about your first gig and what it taught you?

AK: It was about 3 minutes in length, and 2 and a half minutes too long.
It taught me that you can still cry in your 20’s.

GVK: How much time do you devote in a year to writing new material and research?

AK: See above “joke” answer. I write all day long all year, but not formally. If
I think of something funny I write it down. It’s not rocket science, or any
kind of science. It’s similar to home economics, it that helps, and I’m sure
it doesn’t.

GVK In what ways would you say that performing material in front of a camera are
alike and different?

AK: Cameras rarely laugh. With or without a camera, there’s always a chance that
I might faint.

GVK: Who or what makes you laugh?

AK: My dad. Most of the rest of my family. Zach Galifianakis. Paul F Tompkins.
Dave Attell. TJ Miller. Roseanne. Albert Brooks. Fran Lebowitz. David
Letterman. Woody Allen. And more. List available upon request.

GVK: For anyone wanting to get into the industry, what advice would you give

AK: Don’t listen to advice, except from me. Also, take the high road.
There’s less traffic.

GVK: What future projects do you have coming up that the readers can look forward

AK: I am a recurring character on “Bob’s Burgers,” a new animated show on Fox.
Check your local listings, whatever that means. I have other stuff “in the
works,” or “under wraps.” I like using quotes!

GVK: What movies have you seen recently and what do you have on your to see list?

AK: “Public Speaking” on HBO, which is a documentary about the brilliant Fran
Lebowitz. Also on HBO, “Wishful Drinking,” a stage show by the wonderful
Carrie Fisher. I sound like a promoter of some type. Every current movie is
on my to see list. I also have an “avoid” list.