Movie New for Feb 4 2011

Horror dominates the news today as the genre has several high profile films in the works.

Dir. Wes Craven has clarified that the additional shooting for Scream 4 were not re-shoots but rather additions to a couple of scenes. The director stated that during test screenings he noted to scenes where they felt they could push things to an even darker side and opted to do so with the studio’s blessing.

After many years of delays, the sequel to The Strangers may finally be happening. The original film followed three masked individuals who terrorized a captive couple in a home. The sequel would reportedly involved the three strangers terrorizing a family who had been forced to move from their home into a trailer due to the bad economy.

The remake of Pet Semetery has its script finished and is now in the hands of Paramount who are looking to attach a high-profile director to the project. reports David O’Russell has a couple of other actresses in mind for the role of Elena in “Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune“. ”I love Amy [Adams]. I also love Scarlett Johansson.

Actor Chad Lindberg has confirmed to us that he will be playing a villain on an upcoming episode of The Cape. Lindberg’s character is an assassin that has been sent to bring down the Cape. It is also reported that NBC has trimmed the number of episodes ordered to 10 which certainly is not a good sign for this new series.

Hugh Jackman reportedly is bulking up even more for the next Wolverine film. While he was bulky for the last film since he is fairly tall he has been asked to put on even more muscle mass for the upcoming film which is set in Japan.

Warner Bros. is looking to remake Fletch but this time they desire to stay closer to the source book and not go the campy route of the two previous Chevy Chase films. Director Kevin Smith years back had been chosen to write and direct a new version of film but reports are that the studio disagreed with his choice of leading man, Jason Lee and that the film never got off the ground.

Jospeh Gordon-Levitt is in talks to reunite with director Christopher Nolan on the next Batman movie.

We were down yesterday for some system maintenance such they were going to combine Monday and Tuesday’s news.

British actor Henry Cavill who is best known for his role on The Tudors has been tabbed to play Superman in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film. It’s ironic that such iconic American characters such as Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man are being played by British actors. Yes I know Andrew Garfield was born in the US but he has been raised in England and got his start in the British film system.

A certain True Blood star is also rumored to be the Sub Mariner according to Moviehole. The site also reported that Javier Bardem maybe the new bad guy in the next James Bond film. The site also reports that despite doing well, there currently are no plans for a sequel to either Friday the 13th, or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Dark Horizons reports that Tyler Perry has been selected to take over for Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross. Freeman originated the role in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.

The site also reports that should the film do well actor Tony Todd has confirmed that two more Final Destination films are planned after the fifth outing debuts in August. The movies like the previous one will be shot in 3-D.

The John Woo classic The Killers is being remade as an English-language film in 3-D.

The popular videogame series Dead Space is being eyed as a possible film franchise but producers of the film are not rushing the process and we shall ensure they get a quality script, director, and cast before moving forward.
Stephen Kings epic novel The Stand is being eyed as a new film series more details to come.

DVD releases
Walt Disney has released the timeless Alice in Wonderland on Blu Ray which combines a restored copy of the film along with tons of bonus material. This highly impressive animated classic only gets better with age and offers something for fans of all ages. Look for our full review soon.

Disney has also released Beverly Hills Chihuahua’s 2. This was a highly charming film that I got to enjoy with our family as our niece and nephews really enjoyed the a heartwarming film. The film stars the voice of George Lopez as a Chihuahua dealing with five rambunctious puppies. The darling dogs human owners have their lives complicated by bank robbers and problems with the bank which leaves the canine heroes as the only hope to save the day.
Loaded with laughs and tons of cute moments, this is truly a film for the entire family. The superior sound and video quality was better than many theatrical releases showing that Disney did not sacrifice quality for direct to video release.
Full review to follow.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hatchet II starring Kane Hodder who many horror fans know occupied the Jason mask for a time stars in this sequel to the original film that’s truly a cut above. Full review to follow.