Movie News For Feb 8th 2011

With the country in Super Bowl recovery mode I opted to take yesterday off from the news because truthfully there wasn’t really anything worth reporting. Now that the various media networks have undoubtedly started to recover from their hangovers, news is starting to slowly trickle out again.

Dark Horizons is reporting that Jeri Ryan of Star Trek Voyager fame will reprise her role as Sonya in the upcoming Mortal Kombat digital series.

The LA Times has reported that JJ Abrams’ Super 8 which he is creating with Steven Spielberg, involves a group of kids shooting a film who capture an alien in the frame, chaos ensues.

Despite a lot of up and down delays The Hobbit is set to go before the camera in March, and the remake of Fantastic Voyage is starting to move forward. I put this film in the same category as the Logan’s Run remake which keeps popping up on the radar every couple of years only to disappear again. Truthfully I think with both of these films I’m not going to believe it until the cameras actually start to roll.

Dark Horizons is also reporting that actor James Franco has done a dramatic take on the iconic John Ritter series Three’s Company at Sundance. The estate handling the rights to the series at first was against the take but then when they saw what Franco had done they are in discussions for a film and possible Broadway show based on the dramatic interpretation.

Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother has snagged the role of Maria Hill in The Avengers according to numerous sources. Liam Neeson is also reporting that they are attempting to come up with a sequel to his abduction thriller Taken. The sequel to How To Tame Your Dragon is moving forward and is envisioned as part of an epic trilogy.

Most of the news the last day or so involved the various movie trailers shown during the Super Bowl. While reaction to most has been mixed, with Cowboys and Aliens, Fast 5, and Transformers 3, generating mild buzz, the trailers for Thor, Captain America, and Super 8 have definitely got people talking.