Little Big Planet 2

In a world where whimsical fantasy and puzzles combine to provide countless adventures, Sock Boy has returned in grand style in Little Big Planet 2. The title is available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system and is the rare sequel that surpasses the original game.

Players take on the persona of a sock boy or girl and have countless options to dress and customize their characters which allows players to add their own unique touches to the game. Once adorned, players enter a series of themed arenas where they attempt to navigate various obstacles in order to complete a level.

While it sounds simple it is anything but. Players often find themselves moving at tremendous speeds when they hit a jump pad and pinball into other bumpers. Along the way there are objects to collect such as stickers which can be applied to open gates to levels within levels, or just decorate your world. Prize bubbles also hold new fabrics and other accessories to improve costumes.

While I enjoyed the first Little Big Planet game immensely, I can see how some, like my hubby, can a struggle at times with side scrolling games and making precise jumps. While his skill in this area has improved over the years, Little Big Planet 2, greatly improves play by adding a grappling gun giving our sock people “Spidey” powers. Use it to swing from platforms, ascend and descend and also help a friend out when playing the game in co-op mode, which you can with up to three other players.

What I really love about the game is the creative whimsy that makes the levels not only challenging but fun. I remember one bakery inspired level that had my hubby and I jumping from train car to train car and throwing explosive pastries at the enemies. Not only did we have fun figuring out how to use certain treats to navigate the level, but I took great delight in learning I could grab and throw my hubby’s character off the train. Of course, it wasn’t intentional. I was only trying to help him advance to the next car. Yeah. That’s it.

The game works well with gamers of all ages. We played the game with our niece and nephews, and had an absolutely fantastic time. One of the strengths of the game is the incredible amount of customization that is available. Not only can you make your character look like anything under the sun, you can also design your own levels and games and share them online with other gamers.

In this regard, Little Big Planet 2 has no ending as countless additional levels and games are constantly being added. With solid graphics and sound, Little Big Planet 2, focuses on content and playability rather than trying to dazzle you with an array of 3-D graphics. Sony has crafted a true classic that is a must-own for any PlayStation 3 owner and definitely a reason to buy the console.