Crazy, Stupid Love

Sure, sometimes love can be many things but “happily ever after.” Love is stupid, crazy and confusing at times and Steve Carrell proves this in Stupid, Crazy, Love. Carrell plays a father named Cal Weaver who has been married to Emily (Julianne Moore) since high school. After what was meant to be a romantic dinner date, he finds out that Emily has been unhappy for some time and she wants a divorce. Cal also learns that Emily has been cheating on him with a co-worker David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon).

Also experiencing crazy, stupid love is 17 year old Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) the family babysitter who is brewing up a major crush on Cal that only grows with his pain. Cal’s son Robbie (Jonah Bobo), who has just turned thirteen, who is developing a major crush on Jessica.

We are also introduced to Hannah (Emma Stone) and her friend Liz (Liza Lapira) at a popular bar that Cal starts to frequent. Hannah is getting ready to take the bar exam and believes that once she’s passed the exams, her boyfriend will propose to her. Enter man-about-town Jacob (Ryan Gosling). When Jacob’s efforts to pick up Hannah are met with disinterest, he’s even more intrigued.

Jacob befriends Cal and soon becomes his stylist and wing-man. After a lot of hard work and determination, Cal becomes a ladies’ man in a futile attempt to mend his broken heart. But after a succession of different women, including his first successful seduction, a teacher named Kate (Marisa Tomei), he realizes that the only woman who is right for him is his wife. Meanwhile, Hannah finds out her boyfriend would rather offer her a job at his firm rather than pop the question. Not surprisingly, the boyfriend’s dumped and Hannah finds a convenient rebound in Jacob.

Will Carl and Emily get back together? Will Robbie tell Jessica what she means to him? Will Jacob end up with Hannah? All these questions will be answered once you go see this movie.

Crazy, Stupid Love is absolutely hilarious. I am a huge fan of Steve Carell but after his last movie Dinner for Schmucks I was a little nervous that this movie would be a disappointment as well, but I was completely wrong. The casting is perfect, although Kevin Bacon seems to be a little lost or out of place and it is hard to tell if that is just his character or if it is the actor. With lots of twists this movie is a must-see. The music and the witty lines adds to the comedic structure. You will leave the theater with a different take on that sometimes really crazy, sometimes very stupid, always uncontrollable love.

4.5 out of 5 stars.