Puss in Boots

Long before he met Shrek and became an outlaw, the always charismatic Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) was a well-loved crime fighter in his hometown of San Ricardo. This movie tells the story of how he ended up running from the law in the first place. Flashback to his kitten days, Puss was raised in an orphanage where he becomes best friends with Humpty Dumpty (Zack Galifianakis). Together, the two dream of stealing some magic beans, climbing a beanstalk to retrieve some golden eggs so they can be rich and live happily ever after. To Humpty’s chagrin, Puss loses focus on the dream and spends most of his time fighting crime and keeping the peace. Humpty sets Puss up when he attempts to rob the local bank and Puss ends up being the fall guy for his devious operation thus becoming an outlaw and banishing himself from his family and his home.
As the story fast forwards, Puss runs into Humpty and his seductive partner in crime, Kitty Softpaws (Selma Hayek). Humpty still on his quest to find the magic beans, which are now in the hands of Jack (Billy Bob Thorton) and Jill (Amy Sedaris), he tries to once again to enlist the help of Puss. As a way of hopefully earning his honor back, by offering the golden eggs to the citizens of San Ricardo, Puss joins the two on the adventure of a lifetime.
As lovable as Puss In Boots was in the Shrek movies, I was very hesitant on whether or not devoting an entire movie to this character would work. Boy was I wrong; this movie served up some great laugh out loud moments, lots of high flying adventure as well as some entertaining fights scenes and dance sequences. This movie is “Purrfect” for the whole family to enjoy!

4 stars