Latest Skewed and Reviewed Magazine Causes Huge Controversy With Geek Girl Images

Less than 24 hrs after first publishing our latest magazine, we have been getting some negative responses over our use of a Geek Girl Centerfold.

Our policy was that we will not show any nudity and want Models who are normal people that are involved in gaming and the Geek Culture.

Citing the folloing article…
Eating Disorder article for Geek Gamers

Some FB followers have blasted the inclusion and have gone so far as to say they will not only stop following the site and magazine but will contact the site and magazine sponsors to voice their displeasure.

Others have welcomed the additon and defended the models saying they have a natural and healthy look and do not look to thin.

The image below is what has caused the issue and it is one of 6 in the new magazine. You can check out the issue and images for free at
Issue 7 and 8 for Free

What are your thoughts?


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    September 13, 2012

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