Beauty and The Beast 3D

The award winning classic “Beauty and The Beast” returns to theaters in 3D and continues to enchant.

Once upon a time there was a prince who lived in a marvelous castle. One night an old homeless woman knocked on the door offering the prince a rose in exchange for a place to stay. After turning the woman away because of her looks, she turns into a beautiful enchantress and decides to punish the prince by transforming him into an ugly beast. She then gives him the enchanted rose and a magic mirror and says that the rose will bloom until he turns twenty one but after that he has to find love before the last petal of the rose falls or he will stay like that forever.

Belle is the most beautiful girl in town and loves to read. She is an avid reader but the whole town thinks that she is weird because according to them it is not right for a woman to read as much as Belle reads. Gaston, a hunter has his eye on Belle and tries to get her to marry him. Gaston and the whole village always speak awful things about Belle’s father Maurice the inventor. Her father has created an invention that hopefully will make them money to be able to move away from the small town they currently live in. On his way to the fair he gets lost and is almost attacked by wolves. While being chased Maurice finds safety behind the gates of a dark and gloomy castle.

Inside the castle Maurice is greeted by a talking clock and candelabra. When the enchantress turned the prince into a beast she also turned all who lived in the castle into objects as well. The beast finds out and emerges from the shadows throws him into captivity in a tower of the castle.

While Belle is feeding the chickens she discovers the horse that was supposed to take her father to the fair. Finding it strange she hops on and has him take her to the castle. Belle enters the castle and discovers Maurice locked in a tower. The beast soon finds out and in order for her father to be saved, she strives to let her take her fathers place and stay in the castle forever. The beast finally agrees and releases Maurice.

He tries to find help by telling customers at a local tavern about the beast, of coarse they all think that he is crazy already and decide to dismiss him. Gaston gets wind of this and formulates an idea that as he believes could possibly win Belle’s heart. Two questions remain if you haven’t seen this movie yet, does Belle ever become free? Does the Beast find true love?

I was super excited to find out that Beauty and the Beast was on the list of re-released Disney movies in 3D. Although this movie is my absolute favorite Disney movie it did not contribute to my opinion on how it is viewed in 3D. The 3D factor in Beauty and the Beast was outstanding to me and in my opinion is worth going to see it. In this case, the 3D makes it feel like you are a part of the story and for me I noticed things that I haven’t noticed before, even after seeing it for the millionth time since I was four years old.